“False Light” New Age Movement, vs. “True Light” through The Ancient Teachings of the Masters. Research and Study By Universal Lighthouse.

“False Light”

Service to Self or Self Love, Think only of doing for the Self. This Is DARK WORK. This is used to deceive the newly awakened. They say when you are loving yourself you love others, this is only true, if you do for others equally as you receive. Yes, It is important to work on your Ego mind, and be focused on the improvement of the Self, to where we see no separation between us, and our Neighbor. Service to self mentality, puts their SELF Above all others. They would NEVER Give their LIFE for another. This is actually DE-evolving. We are past the self discovery stage of our development, and are now in the stage of Unity. This is the Realization of our ONENESS. The ELITES or DARK SIDE wish us to only focus on self and forget about each other. They pit us against each other, through Politics, Religion, Race and any other way they can manipulate.


“True Light”

Service to Others or Loving Others – Think only of Doing for Others. Loving your Neighbor is the first “Natural Law” from ALL Ancient Texts. This must be your main focus, at all times. You are here to bring Light to all you meet. this is the Way of the MASTERS.

Example: “Jesus Washed the Feet of strangers.”


“False Light”

Encourages Channeling or Contacting Unseen Beings. Some claim to be Channeling so called Ascended Masters, And they Know NOTHING of their TRUE ANCIENT TEACHINGS. (THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS) Always protect yourself. This is also DARK WORK because you truly do not know who or what you are channeling. The Dark can and will deceive you in anyway possible. Remember to Always DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.


“True Light”

All Ancient Texts from around the world Warns of negative Influence of dark entities, demons or Gjinn. They also give instruction to remove these Unseen Beings. Not all unseen beings are negative, but there are those who are and they do deceive us. Remember a Light Being does not force or demand anything from Humans. they are very subtle in their communication, usually showing us through synchronicities and signs.


“False Light”

Encourages Separation from Families and Friends. Because they don’t RESONATE or VIBRATE the Same. Obviously this is Dark work as well because any idea that makes you believe that you are better than others is false.


“True Light”

Encourages us to LOVE and CARE For our Families and Friends. LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS. If you are Vibrating at the Vibration of LOVE, then in no way possible will you want to leave a Loved one, just because they are vibrating in a lower frequency. Your Vibration of Love and Light will resonate to all who surrounds you. If someone can’t handle your light, they remove themselves.


“False Light”

They Denounce All Ancient Teachings, And Put Down all who claim belief From the Sanskrit texts to biblical text. I do Understand that there has been manipulation of more recent books… But, There is still the True Scriptures available in all languages on the internet. Many of the newly awakened don’t even realize that the ASCENDED MASTERS are the ones who wrote or was a part of these Ancient Texts. By Putting others down who are still asleep, you are Judging them and you are DOING THE WORK OF THE DARK. We Should never put down anyone for anything, especially someones personal beliefs. We are to teach by example. Putting someone down is simply NOT LOVE. The False Light new age movement, has stolen the Ascended Masters from the Ancient Texts, including the Bible, which is part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. and the Nag Hammaddi texts.


“True Light”

The ASCENDED MASTERS Left Ancient writings including the Sanskrit Scrolls, The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Nag Hammaddi Texts and many others, from all around the world, as instructions for Ascension, and Enlightenment. This is Including teachings of Yeshua/ Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and many others. Remember to Always DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Most of the known Ancient Texts can now be read in ALL languages.


We Love you, and we are truly Honored to be the Light.

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Links to some of the Ancient texts mentioned, in the Description, for your own Research and study.


:Always Remember to do your own Research:


Links of Interest:


The Nag Hammadi Library: The Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of thirteen ancient books (called “codices”) containing over fifty texts, was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945. This immensely important discovery includes a large number of primary “Gnostic Gospels” – texts once thought to have been entirely destroyed during the early Christian struggle to define “orthodoxy” – scriptures such as the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, and the Gospel of Truth. The discovery and translation of the Nag Hammadi library, initially completed in the 1970’s, has provided impetus to a major re-evaluation of early Christian history and the nature of Gnosticism.




The Vedas Sanskrit:

There are four Vedas, the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. The Vedas are the primary texts of Hinduism. They also had a vast influence on Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Traditionally the text of the Vedas was coeval with the universe. Scholars have determined that the Rig Veda, the oldest of the four Vedas, was composed about 1500 B.C., and codified about 600 B.C. It is unknown when it was finally committed to writing, but this probably was at some point after 300 B.C.


The DEAD SEA SCROLLS ARCHIVE:What are popularly called The Dead Sea Scrolls consist of a very large number of scrolls – most poorly preserved and many surviving only as tiny scraps – discovered in a series of eleven caves near Qumran and the Dead Sea beginning around 1947. Over 800 separate texts of several divergent types are now recognized among this find. The scrolls date from the “intertestamental period” – a period ranging from about 250 BCE to 100 CE, the epoch after textual formation of the “Old Testament” but still before the formation of Christianity and rabbinical Judaism.


Himis manuscript

The Lost Years of Jesus:
The Life of Saint Issa

Ancient scrolls reveal that Jesus spent seventeen years in India and Tibet

From age thirteen to age twenty-nine, he was both a student and teacher of Buddhist and Hindu holy men

The story of his journey from Jerusalem to Benares was recorded by Brahman historians

Today they still know him and love him as St. Issa. Their ‘buddha’


Knowing Truth

Blessings Family of Light,

  Intense Energies are flooding this planet through this 11 11 11 Portal. and it’s just going to get more intense. The Light is Here, and it’s spreading to every nook and cranny in this earth. Nothing is going to escape this pure divine intent. All truth is to become seen. This is the unveiling of all that’s been hidden. The ones who wish to control are trying to give us only partial disclosure or stop this event all together. But Nothing they do will stop full illumination of the truth.

As this occurs, remember to stay in the heart space of Love. Truth isn’t easy. It Can be tough to listen to, because of the severity of the crimes against humanity. Forgiveness is Key to transforming this energy. We should not allow lower emotions to be the judge, through anger and hurt, but We Should only allow Love to be the Judge, through Mercy and Forgiveness. By releasing old belief systems, and egotistical patterns of behavior, you allow yourself to flow much more easily with these higher vibrations.

  We can see the effects of the light everywhere we look, Some people seem to be becoming much nicer, more generous, and loving in nature, While there are those who seem to be growing even darker than before. this is the Light, showing the true essences, of each person. We will know each others real truth. This is also our natural abilities of discernment and intuition becoming activated, through this transformation. Those who wish to stay in the lower vibrational emotions of fear, such as anger, hate, and control, will be found out for who they really are. They will find it harder to con or deceive those truly awakening to the Light. Their tricks no longer work. Their magic is nullified.

 We are now seeing the Truth, and we are beginning to know when we see this Truth. We can now, sense a lie, a mile away.

This is the Light showing us Truth.

What happens If a person is still blinded by belief in doctrines and religion?

 Each Person is creating there own personal realities, so if that person is still blinded, they may not see the truth the same way, as a person who has released that programming. Their point of view will be that of what their beliefs will allow. So for example: An Extraterrestrial could be considered an angel, or demon, depending on what they are witnessing. This is how many religions began in the first place. They were misunderstanding what they were witnessing. When we understand that there are intelligent beings out there in the universe, that have nothing to do with being a demon or an angel, you break that controlled programming that doctrines and modern religion want you to believe. This causes a domino effect with truth, once you are willing to let go of being the only ones in the universe, you open yourself to more truth.

 Truth will effect everyone, even the ones who wish to fight it. The ones who fight it, only make it harder on themselves.

How Will I Know Truth?

 Each person on this planet is connected to each other. Through this connection, we feel each others emotional body. If you are being Love and Light vibration, your frequency, effects those around you. In this process, they can not hide their true emotions, this showing you, their true feelings. This is why when you are trying to be positive, others will seem to attack you for no reason. This is because they can not hide their true feelings and emotions in your presence. It’s not something you are doing wrong, but actually doing right. When you are Happy, others seem to want to bring you down, this is their lower vibrations being forced to the surface. Showing you their truth.

 When it comes to knowing truth that’s being disclosed in the World, hold discernment for everything, and take nothing personal. It’s Important not to get caught up in the dramas of the world. Nothing is as it seems. Most world events, are just an emotional roller coaster for the masses, to keep humanity in the lower vibrations. We Must know the truth, or we allow the lies to continue. But not all of humanity will see this truth the same way. By staying in the heart we allow the filters of Love.

How can I advance my intuition?

When we release the belief that we are separate from God, we allow the pure white light of Source to enter. By doing this you realize your true connection with The One that is All Things. When you make this connection, your natural abilities begin to become enhanced. Then you must learn to trust your own self enough to depend on your inner gut feelings. Plus Trust that You are a part of “The One.” We are naturally Connected to everything, we just need to “KNOW” it. This is having the knowledge, without doubt.


 We Love you and we are truly Honored to be the Light.


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Who or What is God, Source, Prime Creator, The Light, The One? W/ Excerpt From The Dead Sea Scrolls

Read Along:
Who or What is God, Source, Prime Creator, The Light, The One? With Excerpt From”The Secret Book of John,” also known as”The Apocryphon of John,” From the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Blessings Family of Light,
Through our research we have came across many ancient to modern text describing their version of what God is. The True Prime Creator of All things, Is always mistaken for the beings that manipulated this earth and altered the DNA of Humans. I was reading, “The Secret Book of John”, which is also called, “The Apocryphon of John”, to My Mother the other day. She is 78 years young, and is a Christian. She recently has become interested in other ancient texts, that show a little different version to what she is used too. Anyways, She told me she thinks everyone should hear this particular text. It explains perfectly what The Source, The One, The Prime Creator, or the True God, Really Means. This is not the Whole Book. And I do recommend reading it in Full. Link in the Description.
Excerpt From”The Secret Book of John,” also known as “The Apocryphon of John,” From the Dead Sea Scrolls
 The Teaching of the Savior.
The Revelation of the Mysteries Hidden in Silence.
Those Things that He Taught to John, His Disciple.
One day John, the brother of James, was going up to the Temple. A Pharisee by the name of Arimanios came up to him and challenged him, asking: “Where is the teacher you used to follow?”
 John replied, “He has gone back to the place from which he came.”
The Pharisee said, “That Nazarene misled you, told you lies, closed your hearts and turned you away from your ancestral traditions.” When I heard these things, I, John, turned away from the temple and went off to a deserted mountainous place. I was very unhappy, saying to myself: “How was the Savior designated? Why did his Father send him into the world? Who is his Father? What kind of realm will we go to?
For, although he told us, ‘This realm is modeled on the imperishable realm, He didn’t teach us about the latter.
All of a sudden, while I was contemplating these things,
The heavens opened and the whole of creation shone with a light from above, And the world quaked! I was afraid, yet
A little child appeared before me in the light. I continued looking at him as he became an old man. And then he changed again, becoming like a young man.
I didn’t understand what I was seeing, But the one likeness had several forms in the light, And these likenesses appeared each through the other And the vision had three forms.
He said to me,
  “John, why doubt? Why be afraid? Don’t you know this image?
Be not afraid. I am with you always. I am the Father, The Mother, The Son. I am the incorruptible Purity.
I have come to teach you About what is, And what was, And what will be. In order for you to understand The invisible world, And the world that is visible, And the immovable race of perfect humanity.
Raise your head;
Understand my lessons;
Share them with any others who have received the spirit, Who are from the immovable race of perfect humanity.”
 The Inexpressible One…
The One rules all. Nothing has authority over it. It is the God. It is Father of everything, Holy One, The invisible one over everything.
It is uncontaminated Pure light no eye can bear to look within.
The One is the Invisible Spirit. It is not right to think of it as a God or as like God. It is more than just God.
Nothing is above it. Nothing rules it. Since everything exists within it, It does not exist within anything. Since it is not dependent on anything, It is eternal.
It is absolutely complete and so needs nothing.
It is utterly perfect Light.
The One is without boundaries, Nothing exists outside of it to border it.
The One cannot be investigated, Nothing exists apart from it to investigate it.
The One cannot be measure, Nothing exists external to it to measure it.
The One cannot be seen. For no one can envision it.
The One is eternal, For it exists forever.
The One is inconceivable, For no one can comprehend it.
The One is indescribable, For no one can put any words to it.
The One is infinite light, Purity, Holiness, Stainless,
The One is incomprehensible, Perfectly free from corruption.
Not “perfect”,
Not “blessed”,
Not “divine”,
But superior to such concepts.
Neither physical nor unphysical. Neither immense nor infinitesimal. It is impossible to specify in quantity or quality, For it is beyond knowledge.
The One is not a being among other beings, It is vastly superior, But it is not “superior.”
It is outside of realms of being and time, For whatever is within realms of being was created. And whatever is within time had time allotted to it.
The One receives nothing from anything. It simply apprehends itself in its own perfect light.
The One is majestic. The One is measureless majesty. Chief of all Realms. Producing all realms.
  Producing light.
  Producing life.
  Producing blessedness.
  Producing knowledge.
  Producing goodness.
  Producing mercy.
  Producing generosity.
  It does not “possess” these things. It gives forth light beyond measure, beyond comprehension.
What can I say?
His realm is eternal, peaceful, silent, resting, before everything. He is the head of every realm sustaining each of them through goodness.
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 Links of Interest:
“The Secret Book of John,” also known as”The Apocryphon of John” View Full Ancient Text in English . http://gnosis.org/naghamm/apocjn-davies.html
Reading Sex and Gender in
the Secret Revelation of John
Article Made available through the Harvard Education community. This article shows many perspectives on the reading using other ancient writings including The Nag Hammadi text and the Bible.
Who or What is God, Source, Prime Creator, The Light, The One? With Excerpt From”The Secret Book of John,” also known as”The Apocryphon of John,” From the Dead Sea Scrolls.
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The Messiah Effect ~ A Spiritual Theory on the Mandela Effect.

Blessings Family of Light,
There’s an unexplained phenomenon that you’ve probably experienced without knowing what it’s called, and it’s gaining more and more attention lately. “The Mandela Effect” is what the internet is calling those curious instances in which many of us are certain we remember something a particular way, but it turns out we’re incorrect. This phenomenon is happening to everyone, Have We Entered The Twilight Zone?
Now days the internet is blowing up, with theories on trying to Explain what we are all perceiving. Many believe it’s CERN manipulating reality, Others believe it is the proof of time travel and manipulation. While there are those who just think we are all crazy.
What is the Mandela Effect?
The name of the phenomenon comes from an incident where many people felt certain they could remember Nelson Mandela dying while he was still in prison back in the 80’s. Contrary to what Those people thought, Mandela’s actual death was on Dec. 5, 2013, despite some people claiming to remember seeing clips of his funeral on TV way back in the 80’s.

These Strange Parallel events have some confused into believing they are going crazy, and Just not remembering things right, While others Know that there is really something Strange going on. But they just can’t explain it.

It is told of a time when, we will experience a great change in our reality.
This Event has been called by many names.
Throughout our research we have discovered, many ancient Texts and Religious beliefs, describing what is referred to as the Transformation, the ascension, the great separation or the great awakening.. Even though we have been aware of this Event, through prophecies, ancient teachings and even channeling, the details of what we are supposed to experience is minimal.
Many of us know, are memories are not going bad, and we definitely remember things a certain way, but yet, those memories are false in this new reality that we find ourselves in. What is also strange is that, it is not just a few of us, it’s many of us, and things are continuing to change more and more each day.
But why is this Happening?
We are told through the ancient Teachings, that we create our reality through our thoughts, words, and actions. As More of Humanity wake up to this Knowing, they are beginning, to consciously create their own worlds around them. With doing this, humanity as a collective, is Creating a Different Future for Earth. Therefore Jumping into a new Timeline, that best suits our intentions for creation of Heaven on Earth. We were told it would take a certain amount of us, to manifest this new reality. We surpassed that Number before 2012. As we continue to create, things will continue to change.
During this Event, it is important to Let Go of Memories that are no longer Truth in our reality. And Except The Truth that is. What is Illusion will drop away and be Forgotten in another Time.
I have heard this called the “Messiah Effect”, instead of the Mandela Effect, and I find it very fitting. We are now Entering Christ Consciousness, which is the understanding of our multidimensionality. As we become more advanced, in our knowing, we will be able to, step in and out of dimensions or timelines, at will. While we continue to raise our vibrations, we continue to raise our consciousness, Expanding our awareness, of All that we are. We are More than this Physical form, We are truly Powerful beings, manifesting a new reality, for us and this Earth. We are creating our Heaven on Earth. In this process we are experiencing, “The Messiah Effect.”
We Love you and We are Honored to be the Light.

The SECRET to Achieving PEACE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS. ~ A Message of Cosmic Light / With Video


The Secret to Achieving Peace, Love, and Happiness. ~ A Message of Cosmic Light
The Secret to Achieving Peace, Love, and Happiness. ~ A Message of Cosmic Light
Blessings Family of Light,
Much Love and Many Blessings Coming your Way, We have made it through the Lion’s Gate. WooHoo. The Cosmic brilliance is everywhere. Let Go and allow these magnificent Energies to Cleanse your entire being. This Brilliant Light brings forward the Old Hurt from Past experiences, were you were the Victim. Now is the time to forgive all of the built up Pain, from all of that hurt. Forgiveness is the Key to true Healing, and Peace. When we Forgive, We let go of all the Blame Games, and the stories of all the hurt and judgment. When we do this we allow Grace to flow freely into that area of our Lives. Flooding our Beings with Peace, and Healing our Bodies. Look inside of your own heart, is there something that you regret, or are judging within yourself? Or, are you withholding Complete Forgiveness of someone else? Lack of Forgiveness only hurts yourself. It’s the moment to let go of all that hurt and pain. This is letting go of the Ego mind of Judgment. Forgive with all your heart Unconditionally. You will find yourself engulfed in Grace, and resting in Pure Ease of spirit, Which is living in true peace. This is where the Healing comes in, of our Physical selves.
Our physical Bodies have been receiving a lot of Trauma these last few weeks, These energies have been very intense. If Forgiveness is not in your vocabulary, then the hurt and the pain is intensified. Our Bodies are sacred vessels, for us to experience life. So, we must honor it, cherish it, and nourish it. The cells of our bodies, remembers our ancestors. Our DNA is a data base of information from our families. We are our ancestors. This cell memory, can manifest unexplained emotional baggage in our lives, Which can cause illness, and disease. We must learn to forgive even our ancestors, to heal and cleanse our own bodies.
Taking care of ourselves includes not only caring for the physical form, but also caring for our Mind and spirit as well.

What is Unconditional Love, and How do we achieve it?
Love Is a Choice, it is a Choice to have total unconditional compassion, Respect, and forgiveness of others. Their are many forms of Love, But to be Unconditional isn’t so easy. Unconditional, is as a Mothers Love for their new born child. she would give her life for that child. This is the purest form of Love. If this is Lost in someway, it is because of Programing from the outer world. The child knows Love through the safety of the mothers arms, through her love. This is in all creation, Every Mother even in Nature, will give her life for her child. The more evolved the animal is the more Love is given, or the more conscious it becomes. The Parents Love for a Child is the Strongest, because of a Combined Love which is Intensified. This is the Highest form of Love, that the human form can have in the moment. We see Within the Family Unit, that no matter what that child does in their life, that parent will love them Unconditionally. This has been taken away from us through outside programing of the darks Agenda, manipulating and even enforcing separation of the Families.
It is Hard for anyone in a Relationship to Have this Unconditional Love for Each other. But it is Possible. This Means Total Respect, Compassion and Forgiveness of Each other. This Is Done Through Total Honesty, And never wanting to harm the Other. With All Three Qualities, Being present. RESPECT COMPASSION AND FORGIVENESS. When you respect a person, you do not wish to harm them emotionally or physically. You understand that they have their own journey in life and you are not there to try and control their path. You understand that everyone has boundaries that should not be crossed. In this it is Good to have Ground rules for the relationship, for example: You would never cheat on that person. If ever that issue came up you would end the relationship. as not to cause unneeded stress on each other. Just be Kind to one another. It Can Be Done. Compassion and Forgiveness must also be there. You must understand that, We are all Human and Make Mistakes, and that Drugs and Alcohol are a big problem with Relationships today. But, If you truly LOVE the Person you are in relationship with. You would not, Stray in anyway. Period. Just follow your own ground rules. This is also very good guidance for Twinflame Relationships, which tend to be the hardest to bare.
Love must be remembered. You must remember what it was like to be Loved, protected and Nurtured. When you can remember this, you must share it with everyone you meet. I will refer to an ancient story of Jesus washing the stranger’s feet. He was in total service to others. in anyway he could be. He cared for them and nurtured them, even if he never knew them personally.
This Is the Love we Must learn to show others that we meet. In this day and age, we probably wouldn’t wash there feet, But we should definitely smile and greet them with kindness. Having Kindness for others is a Form of Love. Kindness includes service if needed, If asked for help, then Help in the best way possible for the situation. This is Showing Compassion. If your neighbor needs your assistance, have the integrity to give a helping hand. This is being of Service. We have a choice with every person we meet, to be Love. When we are BEING Love, We attract that same energy back to us, we begin to see others sharing their Love with us, You actually begin seeing that pattern of behavior everywhere around you.
One Of the Biggest Questions in the World Is, How Do I Find Happiness?
We Remind you to PLAY.
Sometimes we become so responsible, so serious, so caught up in life’s drama’s, that we forget to play. Playing like a Child is considered spiritual practice. Especially while in Nature. When you are laughing, Dancing, Singing, Being Creative through art and crafts, Or even playing games with friends, you are actually communicating with this Universe. This energy is telling the universe that not everything is a struggle, and allows the creation of more Fun in your life. It also creates a positive happy connection with God. Of course Meditation and Prayer is beautiful connection, but we often forget to be happy. Happiness and smiling, is contagious, and spreads like wildfire. This is Sharing Joy with others.
When focusing on these energies you allow the Light, To bring more Peace, Love, and Happiness into your lives, Making this Journey of life Much Easier. We are not meant to suffer, When we are suffering we our putting the energy out to the universe that this is what we want in our lives. By Having simple forgiveness, we can Change everything, and create Peace within. Which Reflects to Our Outer World. By Being Kind and of Service to Everyone we Meet, we bring more Love into our Lives. And, By Allowing ourselves to Play, We bring more Fun in our lives which Allows Us to BE HAPPY. We are also Raising our Vibration to Meet God’s, Being as a Child. With the Combination of becoming more Peaceful through forgiveness, Remembering Love, and By Having Fun,, we are actually becoming the Light.
This Is No Longer a Secret or hidden Knowledge, Spread the Love and Light.
We Love you so much and, We are Honored to be the Light.
A Message of Cosmic Light. Channeled By Chellea
Thank you for Watching Universal Lighthouse. In Love and Light.

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Remember Love ~ A Message of Cosmic Light


Blessings Family of Light,

Love is the Key, Love is the Answer, Love is “All” there is, Love is what’s Real, Love is Infinite, Love is Divine. We have all heard these sayings over and over. But do you truly believe it? It’s easy to say these words and show not a bit of true “Love” while saying them. Love is more than just a word that is used in new age spirituality. It is Truth, and the Deepest Feeling one can have for another being. Love is not desire or even intimacy. Love is a Much Higher frequency, then these Vibrations. This World has used the lower vibrations of Desire and Sex to “Replace” True Love. Desire and Sexual Intimacy are of the Energy of “wanting or greed,”and even “selfishness,” Not Love. Love can be added with these energies, And enhance the Vibration to Higher Form, But they are not True Love Energy. Love is, When you would Give Up Your own Life for Another being. Love is the Parents Love for their Child, and Love is, The Pureness of a Child’s Love for the Parent. These examples are, the purest form of Love that a person can have for another being.

The world today has tried to erase that pure Love, By putting the Idea into the heads of humanity, that Their life is above another. The Woman is Sacred and the Man is Divine, in the Physical aspects of ourselves, As well as the Spiritual and Mental aspects of ourselves. This is the Secret to this Universe. Within the Womb of a Woman she creates another being with the Help of the mans energy. Within the Womb of this Universe, Reality is Created With Source/God Energy. This is the Hidden Truth. This is the Fractal of What we are.

When we use the term Love, as in Love is the Key or Love is the Answer, This is that Pure Unconditional Love, that a Parent “Should” have for their Child, This is the Same Love Energy that is Source Energy. Most of Humanity has forgotten What Love Is, and Where it Comes from. We Must Remember the True meaning of Love, to bring change to this world.

We must remember that Love is What we are made of. To Be Love is To Be Truth, and It is To Be Unconditional. Ask the Parents of a murderer if they still Love their child, Their Reply will be, Of Course they Do. This is the Love of this Universe. This is the Love we are to have for one another. This is the Love that is the Key and this is the Love that is the Answer. As more Awaken to Truth, More Will begin to see that Love for one another is the only way.

In every culture and every religion, “Love Thy Neighbor,” has always been the top commandment. Many Ask how can you love Someone you don’t Know?

It’s about surrendering the Ego. We must let go of the thought that we are above others, and we must learn our connection to All.

The Pure Love of Source/God is the Light Energy that makes up all matter and Surrounds Everything. This is Who we are and What we are Made of. Surrender to BE LOVE. With Every Word, Thought, and Action. When We Love Ourselves, We Care for our Needs and Protect ourselves from Harm. When we Love a Child we care for them and protect them in anyway possible. This Feeling of Compassion must be shared with the Rest of the World. We Must Care for the rest of Humanity and Make sure nothing causes them harm. We Must Love one another no matter what has been done in the Past. Forgiveness is needed, For they know Not, what they Do.

As Humanity Grows in this Everlasting Light, they are Growing in Everlasting Love, Which is the Oneness of All that is.

Remember Love, Remember Where it comes From, and Remember to Be The Love you Know that you are, to Everyone You Meet.

We Love You, and We are Honored to Be the Light

The Cosmic Light,

Universal Lighthouse.

The Battle of Two Wolves ~ A Message of Cosmic Light



Blessings Family of Light,

The Planet Earth is experiencing, an incredible uplifting in vibration. Every being and this earth is transforming in this higher frequency. The shift is happening within our very being, physically mentally and spiritually. Everything is Morphing to meet this new vibration. To transform with ease, one must surrender into this divine energy. It is pure White Light energy, directly from Source. Many are aware of what happens when vibration meets water or even sand. This is happening to this planet, and all of her inhabitants. We are transforming.

This transformation can be easy for us if we surrender into this beautiful Light. Or it can be difficult, if you wish to stay within the lower vibrations, of anger, jealousy, greed, and all other egotistical emotions.

“There is a battle of the two wolves inside us all.

One is Evil, it is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority, and Ego.

The Other is Good, It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and Truth.

The Wolf that wins this Battle? Is the One you Feed.” Cherokee Proverb.

This Ancient Proverb sees the struggle of Spirit. When we feed the darkness of ourselves, We become that Darkness. If we Feed the Light of ourselves, We Become Light. No matter what your journey is in this life, everyone, makes the Choice to be one our the other. This is our freewill. This is what all the Ascended Masters, Speak of. This is how they all become the Light. When One Chooses to Walk the Christ Path, One Chooses to Change their Mind. We must look at what is causing the lower emotion, and Fix it. It is our responsibility. No other can change your mind for you. Only you can change your own mind.

When you feel these lower Emotions arising, Stop before Reacting. Ask yourself why you are having that emotion. Is it because of your own insecurities? Is it because of your own ego? Are you allowing yourself to be victimized? Assess the situation. Then look at it through the Eyes of Love. When you do this you Change your perspective of the situation. When you Look at things only through Love, it becomes a Totally different experience.

We All make a Choice of what wolf we wish to feed, or what Kind of Person we wish to be. There is no right or wrong choice. But we all know what it is like to be around someone who made the choice to be a liar or be greedy. These qualities in a person is very undesirable. Many will Stay in the Lower dimensions at this time. This is a Soul Choice for their own Spiritual Learning. As we Enter this new space, the Frequencies just keep getting higher. This is not going to Stop. The Cosmic Light Hitting the earth, is getting Stronger. It is Source intent, or the Divine Will for this Planet and Her inhabitants to Shift to Higher Light. This Is Pure Unconditional Love Energy. Absorb it into your Being. Fill yourself with the Divine. We Love All and we are Honored to Be the Light.

The Cosmic Light – Universal Lighthouse.

We Would Love to Connect with you,

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It’s Not all a Bed of Roses

its not a bed a roses
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Blessings Family of Light,

Light is Shining on all truths everywhere now, even right in our own backyards. When we ask to be filled with Light, everywhere around us, is affected. As we become more filled with the light, we are becoming extra sensitive toward the darker vibration, This does not mean that we can’t be near it, on the contrary, it means We are now seeing it in a much clearer perspective. We are shown Truth of everything. This new Lie detector ability, is showing us the Truth, even when we sometimes don’t want to see it. Truth can be brutal. So by asking for the light to fill you and surround you, Expect to experience Truth. It’s not all a bed of Roses. Some people really don’t wish to know truth, they are happy staying ignorant. Truth can be really hard for some, especially ones with deep religious programming. The Pathway of Light is the opening of the veil to wisdom. The Light is Truth, The Light is Unconditional Love, The Light is a Way of Being. Light brings awareness and understanding through Truth. By Bringing all truth forward, you bring to awareness any of the hidden agenda’s of others, You are shown all the deception, misguidance or greed of these individuals. Once seeing truth we continue to hold the Light, and understand, that those who wish to deceive, are truly unaware. Therefore, there is no need to hold judgment. By removing yourself from the situation, you remove yourself from the urge to judge or react negatively. When seeing truth for the first time, it may be pretty shocking, Always Stay in the heart, even when you are being challenged. Allow the Truth to give you wisdom, so you learn the lessons of the Divine Light’s path.

Trust your own intuition. Don’t doubt what comes Naturally to you. Your intuition is your natural guide. This is where your Angels and Spirit Guides give you subtle Guidance. Listen to your own Heart. If you are being shown physically with your eyes a Truth, send it to your Heart, The heart has compassion and mercy to deal with uncomfortable truths. The Heart space or looking through the eyes of Love, helps to have understanding of the Truth, which brings you wisdom. Hence the Lessons of that experience is learned. Remember that Being the Light does not mean you have to put up with others ignorance. If you feel the need to leave a negative situation, do so. No need to be judgmental, or critical, just go. Allow the Universe to deal with the lower vibrations naturally, remember everyone has their own journey. You are not here to fix another persons life, you are here to fix your own. We are here to be of Service through Love, which is Truth. Sometimes that Service is to Stand for that Truth.

As we move into this new wave of light, we feel the intense urgency in this Frequency. It’s as though something Big is about to take place. It’s the Passing of the Sword Type of energy. Humanity has been given the control of their own outcome. Each person has a soul contract that is being fulfilled in this moment. It’s up to each one of us, which path we take. The Path Towards Truth which is Enlightenment, Or the Path of Ignorance, which is the choice to stay in the dark.

The Path to Truth can be a very difficult journey, All things are seen for what they truly are. All the Veils are lifting and All that has been hidden is now shown for all eyes to see. It’s up to You, What do you want to see?

We Love You and We are honored to be the Light

The Cosmic Light – Universal Lighthouse

We Would Love to Connect with you,

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Always Do What “Love” Would Do… Just Be Love

Blessings Family of Light,

It’s a new Dawn, rising out of the Darkness, All truth will be seen. What we have been waiting for is Happening now. The Energy you are feeling in this moment, is Changing everything. It is changing you and me, it’s changing this Earth, We are beginning to Vibrate at a Higher Frequency.  What does this all mean, It means we are Transforming. We are Growing Up.

The Message from Highest Light yesterday, told us The Shift has begun. The changes are happening Now. We see it in the Physical World as Chaos. Remember to always come back home to the heart. This is your connection to God / Source. The Great OM. This is your Place of Peace, and Tranquility.

Those who can not handle these energies, will have the fight or flight reaction. But what they don’t realize is, there is no escaping this Vibration. It will not go away, it is only going to get stronger. We as Humanity, must raise our own frequencies to equal these new waves. We Must be Love. As this Earth Transforms, in this Love vibration, so must we. The Mother is already well on her way, in this transformation.

As we of the Light surrender into these energies, We will begin to remember our forgotten gifts. These gifts will only occur with those who have made the Choice to be Love.

Those who walk a different path, will find it difficult to coup with these energies. They will see that any negative actions will no longer work in these energies, The Matrix has been shut down. And is Now being Filled with the Light.

We are being asked to ready our selves for this change that is occurring. To ready ourselves means to stay focused in the Heart. Stay peaceful and loving in all moments. Before reacting to a situation, stop and go to the Heart. What would Love do, to change the situation into a loving experience? When there is chaos around you, remember where to find your peace. When that Chaos is happening to you, Remember to find the Heart space, And Always Do What Love would do in that situation. Just Be Love.

We are bringing in the Light, we are bringing in the new future. We are bringing in this New Earth.

We Love All and we are honored to be the Light.

Remember To Always Come Back Home To The Heart


Love and Light to all,

Message from the Highest Light,

Blessings Children of Light,

We Love you, and we are here for you. Ask and you shall receive our assistance. We surround you with pure white light, which is the love of this Ultimate Source, the Love of the Prime Creator. Be filled with this Love and pure Light, being sent to you in this moment. Fill it enter thine Heart. You are Magnificent Beings. Remember your greatness. Remember who you are. You are We. We Are All, We are One.

Today’s Message is of the Purest form, the highest Light. Bringing in the Love of the One. This energy is yours. This Pure Unconditional Love is what created you. This Purest White Light is your Higher Self, wrapping it’s arms around you, in this moment. Relax into the knowing you are protected and Loved beyond measure. Your Angels and Guides Surround you in total support of you on your Journey. And, are here to assist you when in need. Call upon the Angels whenever you feel the need, they are of total service to you.

This shift you are experiencing in this moment on your planet, is of this highest Light. Understand it as the divine purpose. The divine will of the highest Light, is for the betterment of the All. As it is written in many of your ancient texts, You are now experiencing the Great Awakening. As this occurs, Many false prophets will show themselves in these times. Understand that by Coming back to your Highest Light, you will be able to discern what is the Truth. If it is not of Total Love and Light then it is not of The Ultimate Light, Prime Creator. For the Prime Creator, can Only Express Unconditional Love and The Pure White Light, Which brings forth all Truth. By connecting to Higher self, you can see all the deception.

To connect yourself, Place your Hands in Prayer position. Hold your hands close to your chest, touching your heart space. Focus your attention on that heart space. Then imagine, your deepest feeling of Love. Think of a Moment when you felt that deep compassion in your heart. Focus on that Physical feeling, not the memory or experience. Sometimes this holding of Love can make you emotional and actually cause the Physical self to cry. This extreme Love is your Connection to Source. It’s your direct connection to your Highest Self. Your God-Self. By staying in this vibration of Love, you allow Highest Spirit within your form. This is the embodiment of the God-self.

When you stay focused in the heart space, you reteach the Mind, to focus only good thoughts, when you stay in the heart you reteach your actions to only be of good actions, And if you are only in your heart, your words reflect only LOVE.

As you experience the Shift on the Physical Plane, Keep in your Highest Light. Remember you can Always come back home to the Heart.

We Love You, We are of Service to you, and we Honor you. We are of the Highest Light, the Prime Source.

Channeling Highest Light by Chellea (The Cosmic Light)