Always Do What “Love” Would Do… Just Be Love

Blessings Family of Light,

It’s a new Dawn, rising out of the Darkness, All truth will be seen. What we have been waiting for is Happening now. The Energy you are feeling in this moment, is Changing everything. It is changing you and me, it’s changing this Earth, We are beginning to Vibrate at a Higher Frequency.  What does this all mean, It means we are Transforming. We are Growing Up.

The Message from Highest Light yesterday, told us The Shift has begun. The changes are happening Now. We see it in the Physical World as Chaos. Remember to always come back home to the heart. This is your connection to God / Source. The Great OM. This is your Place of Peace, and Tranquility.

Those who can not handle these energies, will have the fight or flight reaction. But what they don’t realize is, there is no escaping this Vibration. It will not go away, it is only going to get stronger. We as Humanity, must raise our own frequencies to equal these new waves. We Must be Love. As this Earth Transforms, in this Love vibration, so must we. The Mother is already well on her way, in this transformation.

As we of the Light surrender into these energies, We will begin to remember our forgotten gifts. These gifts will only occur with those who have made the Choice to be Love.

Those who walk a different path, will find it difficult to coup with these energies. They will see that any negative actions will no longer work in these energies, The Matrix has been shut down. And is Now being Filled with the Light.

We are being asked to ready our selves for this change that is occurring. To ready ourselves means to stay focused in the Heart. Stay peaceful and loving in all moments. Before reacting to a situation, stop and go to the Heart. What would Love do, to change the situation into a loving experience? When there is chaos around you, remember where to find your peace. When that Chaos is happening to you, Remember to find the Heart space, And Always Do What Love would do in that situation. Just Be Love.

We are bringing in the Light, we are bringing in the new future. We are bringing in this New Earth.

We Love All and we are honored to be the Light.

Remember To Always Come Back Home To The Heart


Love and Light to all,

Message from the Highest Light,

Blessings Children of Light,

We Love you, and we are here for you. Ask and you shall receive our assistance. We surround you with pure white light, which is the love of this Ultimate Source, the Love of the Prime Creator. Be filled with this Love and pure Light, being sent to you in this moment. Fill it enter thine Heart. You are Magnificent Beings. Remember your greatness. Remember who you are. You are We. We Are All, We are One.

Today’s Message is of the Purest form, the highest Light. Bringing in the Love of the One. This energy is yours. This Pure Unconditional Love is what created you. This Purest White Light is your Higher Self, wrapping it’s arms around you, in this moment. Relax into the knowing you are protected and Loved beyond measure. Your Angels and Guides Surround you in total support of you on your Journey. And, are here to assist you when in need. Call upon the Angels whenever you feel the need, they are of total service to you.

This shift you are experiencing in this moment on your planet, is of this highest Light. Understand it as the divine purpose. The divine will of the highest Light, is for the betterment of the All. As it is written in many of your ancient texts, You are now experiencing the Great Awakening. As this occurs, Many false prophets will show themselves in these times. Understand that by Coming back to your Highest Light, you will be able to discern what is the Truth. If it is not of Total Love and Light then it is not of The Ultimate Light, Prime Creator. For the Prime Creator, can Only Express Unconditional Love and The Pure White Light, Which brings forth all Truth. By connecting to Higher self, you can see all the deception.

To connect yourself, Place your Hands in Prayer position. Hold your hands close to your chest, touching your heart space. Focus your attention on that heart space. Then imagine, your deepest feeling of Love. Think of a Moment when you felt that deep compassion in your heart. Focus on that Physical feeling, not the memory or experience. Sometimes this holding of Love can make you emotional and actually cause the Physical self to cry. This extreme Love is your Connection to Source. It’s your direct connection to your Highest Self. Your God-Self. By staying in this vibration of Love, you allow Highest Spirit within your form. This is the embodiment of the God-self.

When you stay focused in the heart space, you reteach the Mind, to focus only good thoughts, when you stay in the heart you reteach your actions to only be of good actions, And if you are only in your heart, your words reflect only LOVE.

As you experience the Shift on the Physical Plane, Keep in your Highest Light. Remember you can Always come back home to the Heart.

We Love You, We are of Service to you, and we Honor you. We are of the Highest Light, the Prime Source.

Channeling Highest Light by Chellea (The Cosmic Light)

Do You Believe It or Not?

What is happening, to this Planet, and it’s inhabitants?

More and more Light is coming in from the cosmos, bringing a Higher Frequency with it. It effects us by literally, changing our mind, body and spirit. This is done by the choices we make, which is transforming ourselves to this Higher Light.

You see this difference with how Humanity is perceiving things. There are those, who see only the 3D world and feel there is no Hope. And Then, There are those who see the Light, and Understand How the 3D world must go away. Those are the ones who see this “change” as a Good thing. This is a split in the perception. We are growing into a new way of looking at things. We all are actually watching the same Puppet show, But it’s a matter of How we see it, Do you believe it or not? This new perception is the 4th and 5th density consciousness. We can continue to see things as though we are a part of this matrix, or we can choose to wake Up, to the new perception, and see things as they are, just a fear show trying to keep the vibrations of Humanity very Low. This “Show” that’s being pushed, is not reality. The reality of it all, is that we are One Humanity, One Earth, One Consciousness. There are more who have now started to see this Truth. As More awaken, More Light fills this Earth. This tips the scales towards the Light, greatly. The tricks of the matrix no longer works, in this light vibration.

As More of humanity begin to look at things through the Eyes of the Higher Consciousness, we are changing our reality. The more of humanity, that focuses on the same thing, the Quicker it will manifest. We are very Powerful Beings, We are creating our reality, through our collective consciousness. As more awake to truth, they bring their flame to this bond fire. This brings more Light. Where there is Light, the Darkness fades away. There will be those who fear this change, and this shift will be hard for them. Low vibrations will keep them fearing the Puppet Show that is happening in the 3D world. Those who see the Light will see this Change and see the truth coming to the surface. We can no longer be deceived or misinformed. We see it how it truly is. We are One with the All. And Nothing of the 3D World is ever going to change that. As more awaken, This Truth will be seen by all, But will Humanity Choose to Believe or Not? That is the Question. What we Believe we Create.

We Love you, and we are Honored to be the Light.

Be The Light


What does it truly mean to “Be The Light”?

Being the Light, Means Being focused on our Thoughts, Words and Actions, in all experiences. It means to have care, compassion and gratitude for all those around you. It means being kind to others, and doing what you “KNOW” is right in every situation.

Every experience in our lives, is placed there for us to learn from. Our every thought, word, and action that we emit, is a Vibration. To emit Love and Gratitude is the Highest Vibration, of this Physical Body.

We learn right from wrong as a small child. We learn to share and be kind to others. We learn that we are a part of a society, and not just an individual. Humanity has been manipulated into thinking that Self is all that matters. Even in the Lightworkers world, Many People are still Focused only on the self, and show no care or compassion for others. Yes, we do need to focus on our inner self and how we react or respond in every situation, but the purpose of the ascension process, is to step away and Transform from the self and understand your connection with the whole. As we grow in the Light, we realize that we are not “Me”, we are “We”. We learn our connection to each other.

Being the Light also means, you are focusing on Truth. We are in the mist of the unveiling. As we raise our vibrations. we are able to see this “Truth, that has so long been hidden from us. The more in tune to source we become, the easier it is to see any deception or Misinformation. By trusting our intuition, our inner guidance, gives us Clues to this Truth.

Being the Light, also means, service to the All that is One. This Universe and all her inhabitants, are a part of the Grand Consciousness that is One. This includes, all Living Beings. If it’s alive It’s your Family. This means that you are your Neighbor. So be of Service to Him, as you would Yourself. Be of service to Your Planet because she needs you. Be in service to the One, by giving yourself fully to the Light. Practicing True Goodness, and Mercy with every experience.

The more that we continue to raise our Vibration through Love and Respect for all Beings, The more we litterally are changing our own DNA to become a Higher Frequency. We are the Family of Light.

We Love you and we are Honored to be the Light